RetailNOW 2017 Surveys

Monday, August 7:

Opening General Session with Bill Garcia

PCI/Data Security Panel

RSPA’s Shark Tank

Bob Goldberg: Industry Update

Tuesday, August 8:

8:00AM Sessions:
Stories from the Cloud: Selling to SMB (Panel: Jim Roddy, Alex Fala, Frank Caron, Josh Sullivan, Herman Man)

CNP vs. CP: How Mobility and Better Security Can Reduce Costs and Boost Your Business (Presented by Ben Wagner)

How You Can Weather the Consolidation Storm (Presented by Matt Downs)

POS Dealers as “Endless Aisle” Merchant Consultants (Presented by Tom McCole)

Business Strategies for Today’s Reseller: How to revitalize your dealership (Presented by Michael Carey)

Delivering on “Customer Experience” (Presented By Joel Doherty & Gregg Brunnick)

9:00AM Sessions:
Meeting the Demands of Today’s Consumer (Presented by Henry Helgeson & Rachel Trueblood)

The Magnificent Margin Stack (Presented by Bruce Mann with Jami Interdonato)

An Appetite for Apps: How Software is Radically Reshaping Businesses (Presented by Mark Schulze)

Digital Marketing Strategy – Digital Practices for Reaching Customers (Presented by Christy Thompson)

How to Prevent Your Customer From Being the Next Cybercrime Headline (Presented by Bill Black)

Benefits of Offering Wireless LAN (Presented by Duane Roebuck)

10:00AM Sessions:
Plenary Session with Erik Qualman

Wednesday, August 9:

8:00AM Sessions:
W2W Community Event: Kaizen and the Power of Empathy in the POS/Payments Business (Presented by Hilary Corna)

The Ins and Outs of Payment Facilitation (Presented by Holli Targan)

Will You Be in Business in 5 Years? Not If You Don’t Make Changes Now (Presented by Bill Bradley, Bill Draper, Jeremy Julian, Chris Rumpf, Jordan Thaeler)

Hunter VS Gatherer (Presented by Dan Brattland)

18 Ways Leading POS Resellers Provide Superior Value to Their Merchants (Presented by Jim Roddy)

9:30AM Sessions:
Forget PCI: Help your Merchants Secure the Business (Presented by James Zou)

Transformation for the Cloud and IOT (Presented by Michael Fleetwood)

The Next Generation in Payments: Properly Preparing For the Future (Presented by Jeremy Julian, Mike Wior, Matt Ozvat & Ryan Williams)

How to Have Payments Pay Off (Presented by Paul Kirk)

Achieving an Optimal Outcome (Presented by Jeff Riley)

11:00AM Sessions:
Canadian Community Event

Value-Added Solutions: The Key to Customer Retention (Presented by Patrick Turiano, Christina Ziegler, and Chas Gannon)

How to Get More MRR from Your Current Customers (Presented by Brandon Knight)

PCI and the Qualified Integrator and Reseller (QIR) Program (Presented by Marc Bayerkohler)

Managing Payments – Sourcing Profitable Partnerships and Avoiding Pitfalls (Presented by Chris Dryden)

Business Builders: SMB Sales Growth Workshop (Presented by Mark Frasco)